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June 12, 2022 2 min read

Art lovers and enthusiasts know the excitement a stunning piece of abstract art brings. It spurs the imagination and draws on the emotions, creating a connection as individualized as the person viewing it. In honor of the beauty and uniqueness that is abstract art, Hippie Soul Shop has partnered with Savanna Creative to bring its customers one-of-a-kind wearable art. The pair proudly unveiled its new collaborative line to the public using direct recreations of some of the artist's most popular canvases.

 When Fashion and Art Combine

Many in the fashion world agree that clothing should be an extension of the wearer, becoming its own work of art. Known for expressive and impactful fluid art, Savanna Creative’s works connect directly with the audience for a personalized experience they won't soon forget. When combined with select pieces from Hippie Soul Shop, the result is breathtaking.

This groundbreaking partnership brings these sought-after prints to life, showcasing them for the world to see. As with every item sold on Hippie Soul Shop, the newest abstract line features the highest-quality materials manufactured to last the test of time. The colors and prints jump off the fabric and seem to move with a fluidity that captivates the eye.


Much time and deliberation went into choosing which prints to use in this first exciting collaboration. Savanna Creative's most popular creations were chosen, ensuring there was a style to match all tastes.


Greens, blue, grey, and cream create movement that seems in this beautiful pattern.

 Stained Glass

This fun print features bold purples, greens, blues, and grey.

The Gathering

This orbital print transports you to space and brings your imagination to life.

Forest Floor

A modern take on the classic camo, Forest Floor masterfully brings bright greens, orange, and grey together.


Jewels pairs purple, blue, green, and grey into a fluid, bright, fun pattern.

 Summer Days

Just like the name, the Summer Days pattern brings blue, green, and yellows together for a fun print you'll want to showcase all season long.

 Moody Inks

Orange, turquoise, green, and cream mix together to make this dreamy pattern.


Hippie Soul Shop brings these stunning designs to life on their high-quality products you will love showing off to the world. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from clothing to accessories. Whether you want to sport your favorite print on your swimsuit or showcase it on a seat cover, it's easy to let your personality shine. The collaboration includes:

 Bathing suits         - Totes

  • Backpacks - Fanny Packs
  • Flip Flops - Car Seat Covers
  • Phone Wallets - Pillowcases
  • Phone Cases - Blankets
  • Laptop Sleeves - Mouse Pads
  • Recycled Fabric       - Pajamas
  • Shirts - Dresses
  • Posters - Stickers
  • Hoodies - Leggings
  • Sweatshirts - Joggers
  • Jackets

The newest collaboration between the Hippie Soul Shop and Savanna Creative is such a perfect match! Now you can be one of the first to purchase a beautiful wearable work of art.