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July 31, 2022 2 min read

      Hippie Soul Shop
How One Brand Aims To Impact The World,
One Piece Of Clothing At A Time
Stacy R.

Recently I found myself in need of a few new pieces of clothing and decided it was the perfect opportunity to support a small business owner instead of turning to the high street. As I searched online, I came across a site that immediately caught my eye, and I knew I'd found my match! Hippie Soul Shop had just the aesthetic I was searching for, so I decided to give it a try, and I must say I'm happy I did. Not only are the clothes buttery soft and well-made, but I also fell in love with the wide range of accessories. I was so impressed by the brand's designs I knew I had to contact the owner and find out more about this up-and-coming company and share it with the world!

Hippie Soul Shop's beginnings date back to 2015, when its founder Carol, opened an art business selling original and inspired artwork and merchandise. Seeking to pursue new creative avenues, she ventured into the world of clothing design with the goal of pairing the wandering hippie spirit with high-quality and thoughtfully sourced materials. When asked what words best capture the spirit of Hippie Soul Shop, Carol proudly declared, " freedom, adventure, fun, wonder, and nature."

But why did she use the name "Hippie" for her brand? A quick search for definitions shows phrases like "a person with a bright outlook on life" who is "kind, loving, and generous." Most hippies are deeply concerned for the environment and seek to protect and improve it. They are peaceful people, pursuing calm and tranquility with the world around them.

Carol set her mind to designing clothing for those seeking to express their creativity. She wanted those wearing her creations to feel empowered to explore the world around them while embracing the connections with others that make life worth living. One look at the masterful designs featured on the clothing and accessories throughout the store, and you will see that hippie essence masterfully captured.

At Hippie Soul Shop, you will find clothing and accessories featuring original artwork and chic boho designs. There is a wide range of products for those seeking unique gifts for loved ones or wishing to express their individuality. Customers can shop confidently knowing every item is of the highest quality, chosen only after exhaustive efforts ensuring the use of the best materials aligning with the brand's values.

So, why did Carol choose the name Hippie Soul Shop when creating her company? Because no other name captures the heart and soul of the brand better, encouraging those wearing it to pursue their passions with confidence and explore the world around them. No other name inspires creativity and love while emboldening the wearer to preserve the planet's future. Hippie Soul Shop isn't just the brand's name; it's the very heartbeat that penetrates through every fiber and stitch, projecting love and light and making the world a happier place, one design at a time.